Set Up

Set out the canvas, cards, and tokens. Each player/team will create their own game piece. Once done, place it in the frame and onto the start space.

Choose & Deal

Place 6 cards on each numbered spot. Each player then picks a game token from the bag to decide which three cards to combine.


Determine the time limit you want for drawing and set a timer for that amount of time. Draw your mash-up and have fun. 


Exchange drawings and try to guess what has been combined. Each correct guess earns one point. For each point move your game piece one space.

History of Doodlemash

DoodleMash the game is the brain child of Jake and Lindsey Bussie. Jake, a tattoo artist thought up the game while doing drawing exercises with his kids to keep the busy while he drew up designs for work. After seeing how much fun her family had creating hilarious drawings, she knew this was a game for the masses. She took her history as a retail manager and applied it to taking a hand crafted prototype to a polished board game.

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