Jake Bussie

Jake has owned and operated his own small business, Alkali Tattoo, for 13 years. His creativity doesn’t stop at art, with inventions including a patented drawing tool.

Lindsey Bussie

Before taking on DoodleMash, Lindsey went from being an electronic retail manager to managing her family and Alkali Tattoo. Lindsey graduated from UW Whitewater with a degree in Spanish.

Aurora Bussie

Vice President of Spontaneous Play
Aurora has always been unrelenting when it comes to play. She became a crucial asset to the team after her contributions to the “how to play with 2 players” segment in the directions.

Quinn Bussie

President of Spontaneous Play
Quinn spent the first 4 years of his life honing his playing ability, and brings play to the professional level with DoodleMash.
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